Tour of American Airlines’ Gate Additions at Chicago’s O’Hare

American Airlines unveiled a 5 gate addition to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport in May. The additional gates, nicknamed L-Stinger, were completed after 20 months at a cost of $78 million and join the “L” gates at Terminal 3.

Source: aa.com

The new gates will serve regional American Airlines flights and free up other gates for mainline flights. After getting the opportunity to fly out of L24, below are some pictures on the journey to getting to the gate.

At the entrance to the bridge to walk over to the gates, a sign notifies travelers there are no retail or food shops available in the concourse.

The bridge connecting the concourse is very spacious and has nice views to the alley way to watch aircraft movement.

In the actual concourse, the fresh and open look is a nice improvement over the aging terminals in the rest of the airport.

Finally, the gates themselves only feature a single boarding lane. As there won’t be aircraft with more than 100 passengers as these gates, there is plenty of standing room and doesn’t really make it necessary for a priority boarding lane.

A 3D Showcase of the new terminal is also available on F.H. Paschen’s website. Official press release on aa.com (PDF).

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