Reservation Holds (American Airlines)

Sometimes after finding great deals there may be hesitation on purchasing immediately. This post discusses the various options for reservation holds with American Airlines.

Free Holds (24 Hours)

Reservation holds are offered by American Airlines in select markets which allow you to hold your reservation for free for up to 24 hours as long as the trip is 7 days or more before date of departure. A common scenario is you’ve found a great deal on airfare and are not yet ready to make the purchase, or you just want to lock in the fare so it doesn’t increase.

Another time that a reservation hold might be useful is if you have a voucher or other special payment method you wish to use. After placing the reservation on hold, you can call a reservations agent to purchase the ticket.

Once you’ve selected your flight details, chosen seats, you’ll arrive at the payments screen. If the option to hold is available, it will appear at the bottom of the Review and Pay page:

Extended Holds

American Airlines also offers extended holds on select routes which give you more planning flexibility. If the option for extended holds is available, it will appear after choosing Hold on the last step.

There are some caveats with extended holds, such as they are non-refundable and the payment is processed immediately to hold the reservation (not the reservation itself). Extended holds also do not count toward the cost of the reservation. Although the hold states 24 hours, the system gives you until the end of following day on free holds.

Lastly, after booking a normal reservation, you are still entitled to a 24 hour refund if the ticket is purchased 2 or more days prior to departure.

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