Conference Room Reservations at Admirals Club

Changes to conference room reservations at the Admirals Club make using them less desirable for business travelers.

Years ago, you would be able to call in to Admirals Club and make a conference room reservation. This would also allow you and your guests to receive gate passes to enter through security into the terminal without having to be traveling that day.

However, the process now requires you to be in-person to request a conference room and those reservations are first come, first serve. Lastly, those individuals must be traveling that day or have another way to enter through security as gate passes are also no longer issued.

Miles Warrior confirmed this new process with Admirals Club Member Services:

Unfortunately there is no way to rent a conference room if you are not traveling. The Admirals Clubs no longer pre-reserve conference rooms. If a conference rooms is available when a passenger arrives they are welcome to inquire about the availability on a walk in basis.

While this may have added operational work to enter individuals into the system for gate passes, I feel this certainly diminishes the value of the conference rooms. That being said, they’re still a nice place to get work done if traveling with colleagues.

More information on Admirals Club conference rooms is available on aa.com .

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